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Welcome! I first came up with the idea of ALERT (Adult Literacy ESOL Resources Training) after I returned to my job as an adult education teacher when my children started primary school and Montessori. While I did create my own resources, I did not always have time and would look online for worksheets or ideas. This is where I encountered problems; at times I struggled to find websites that were specifically designed for adults. The topics I teach within my literacy classes can be anything from punctuation to grammar to spelling and I found a lot of worksheets did not reflect the adult learner who may be using them.

Instead of endless searching, I wanted a one-stop location where adult education teachers could come to look for resources and inspiration instead of spending precious time trawling through different websites. I also believed the teachers who are sharing their resources should be rewarded for their time and hard work. Thus, Alert was born, an online platform where teachers can share resources.

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